Posted by 11/04/2019

The intent of this competitive sealed Request for Proposal is to purchase and install one (1) Pre-engineered metal building for Bamberg County according to the specifications listed herein and in accordance with Bamberg County’s purchasing guidelines on requests for proposals. A copy of the County’s purchasing guidelines are available upon request. Proposals must include the costs for the pre-engineered metal building, all labor, equipment, materials, permits, and fees to furnish, deliver, construct and install a fully functioning building, in a turn-key manner meeting the specifications herein.


All submissions must be received by 4:00 PM on December 4, 2019 and delivered to Bamberg County Director of Operations, 1234 North Street, Bamberg, S.C. 29003. If the submission is late, the request for proposal will be rejected. There will be no exceptions. Responders submitting proposals shall be responsible for all cost of preparing such.


Click here to download the entire Request for Proposal.


Responders to this Request for Proposal shall closely examine the specific requirements noted herein and submit one (1) original document and three (3) copies of their proposal to the address listed below. To ensure acceptance of the Proposal, the Proposal number (RFP# 20-02) should be clearly shown on the lower left corner of the return envelope. Facsimile transmittals or offers communicated by telephone will not be accepted or considered. Send to:

Bamberg County

Attn: Bill Johnson Director of Operations

1234 North Street

Bamberg, South Carolina 29003

RFP #20-02