Bamberg County Finance Department is responsible for payroll, accounts payable management, preparing the annual budget, preparing for and working with the external auditors on the annual audit, receiving and accounting for numerous grants in addition to other financial management practices.


As outlined in the 2017-2018 Annual Budget, the Financial Goals of Bamberg County include:

  • Improve delinquent tax collection
  • Participate in S.C. Debt Set-Off Program
  • Establish and implement internal controls
  • Increase detail in the monthly report provided to the County Council
  • Review fee structure and alternatives
    • Fire, EMS, Landfill, Roads, Building Permits
  • Increase staff training
  • Improve communication between the treasurer, auditor, and finance offices
  • Reformat budget to comply with GFOA Budget Award Requirements
  • Develop and implement purchasing ordinance to comply with state law
  • Manage capital projects sales tax program
  • Pursue grant opportunities
  • Maintain Unmodified Audit