Building Inspection

Q. How much does a building permit cost?
A. The Building Department bases the cost of a building permit upon the value of construction. (See Permit Fees)


Q. How do I obtain a building permit?
A. You must submit two complete sets of foundation, floor, typical wall section and electrical plans; a letter from the town stating they will supply water and sewage or a DHEC septic tank system.


Q. Can a homeowner act as their own contractor to build their house?
A. Yes, if you or your immediate family members are performing the work and you will live in your home for two years after the work is completed.


Q. Can a general contractor perform work such as electrical, plumbing or mechanical?
A. No. There are different qualification requirements for each trade.


Q. How do I obtain a Mobile Home Permit?
A. You must bring in a title or a bill of sale or both and a DHEC septic tank system or a letter from a town stating they will supply water and sewage. If it is a used mobile home bought from an individual we need a moving permit from assessor's office and paid tax receipt. Nothing older than '76.


Q. Do I need a permit If my project Is under $1000.00?
A. Generally no. Permits are not required for minor, non-structural repairs.


Q. How do I schedule an Inspection?
A. Call The Building Department at (803) 245-3111. Inspections are usually conducted within 24 hours.