Contact Information

Jannie C. Johnson

Clerk of Court


2959 Main Highway

Post Office Box 150
Bamberg, South Carolina 29003
Phone: (803) 245-3025
Fax: (803) 245-3088



Clerk of Court

*Effective July 1, 2022, all Family and Circuit Courts will be held at the Bamberg Civic Center, 2477 Main Highway, Bamberg, SC 29003 until renovations of the historic courthouse are completed.*



The Bamberg County Clerk of Court, is popularly elected and serves a four-year term, serves both the Circuit Court and the Family Court. The Circuit Court consists of General Sessions or Criminal Court and Common Pleas or Civil Court.


General Sessions duties include receipt of criminal warrants, the transmission of warrants to the solicitor, receipt of bonds, and jury management.


Common Pleas duties include scheduling jury and non-jury trials, scheduling motion hearings, and jury management.


Family Court duties include scheduling hearings, collection, and disbursement of court-ordered child support, issuance of rules to show cause for non-compliance of court orders, and maintenance of juvenile records.


Bamberg County Clerk of Court is also the Register of Deeds and is responsible for the recording and maintenance of all real estate transactions for the county. Click here to search Bamberg County land records from 2007 - present, or visit:


Our office does not provide legal advice nor provide research of any kind (record checks). 


Our office does not provide any child support information over the phone. Child support information will be provided in person with a proper ID. A child support payment is mailed the day after it has been posted.


Copies and Schedule of Fees

Copies and scans made in the Clerk of Court's office are $0.50 per page. 


Click here for a schedule of fees.