Involuntary Commitment

A process whereby a person (adult or child) who has been determined to be a danger to himself or others because of mental illness or chemical dependency is committed involuntarily to a facility for treatment. Only a mental health professional, i.e. medical doctor, can determine whether or not commitment is necessary.


If you know of someone who is in need of involuntary treatment for possible mental illness or substance abuse, you must first contact the Mental Health Center in Denmark, (803) 793-4274, who will issue paperwork for you to bring to the Probate Court. The Probate Court will issue a Detention Order and the Sheriff’s office will transport the individual to a local hospital for examination and possible emergency admission. The Probate Judge cannot discuss an individual case with you.


For more information on mental health resources visit South Carolina's Information Highway website. For information on the Care and Commitment of Mentally Ill Persons read the South Carolina Code of Laws Title 44.