Freedom of Information Act Requests

Freedom of Information Act (F.O.I.A.)


Information regarding public records can be provided through a Freedom of Information Act Request. Please be very specific regarding the information you would like to obtain. Before making an FOIA request, please read the following important information:

  • Information obtained through an F.O.I.A. request cannot be used for commercial solicitation. See South Carolina Code of Laws Section 30-2-50.
  • An F.O.I.A. request form can be downloaded and submitted to:
                     Thomas M. Thomas
                     Bamberg County Deputy Administrator
                     P. O. Box 149 
                     Bamberg, SC 29003.
  • The FOIA Fee Schedule is:
    • Search and copying charges: the hourly rate of the lowest-paid employee doing the work multiplied by the actual time expended (by the quarter-hour)

    • Copies:

      • Standard 8.5" x 11" - 25 cents per copy

      • Standard 8.5" x 14" - 35 cents per copy

      • Oversize and non-standard copies, audio copies, digital copies, and any other unusual copies - calculated on a per case basis to cover all actual costs, including depreciation, paper, materials, and supplies, and any cost of outsourcing

      • Copy charges may not apply to records that are transmitted in an electronic format. If records are not in electronic format and the public body agrees to produce them in electronic format, the public body may charge for the staff time required to transfer the documents to electronic format.

  • FOR DELINQUENT TAX FOIA REQUESTS: If you are doing research to obtain overage information, please be aware that Bamberg County does not issue any overage checks to a third party. Any funds you receive either through written or verbal agreement from the defaulting taxpayer will be paid directly to you from the defaulting taxpayer and not the Delinquent Tax Collector Office. Overage checks will be made payable to the last owner of the record prior to the end of redemption. If multiple people are listed as owners, then the check will be listed in all of the owner’s name or listed to an estate, if the estate was the last owner of record.
    • If you have a more current address you may provide that information to this office and we will send an overage claim form to them.





Bamberg County Ordinance 1-16-5