Bamberg County Employers

Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace's Bamberg location employs approximately 132 people and has been located in the community since 1970. As the maker of highly refined nozzles, Collins Aerospace controls approximately 70 percent of this market. Future product development includes entry and growth in South Carolina's ever-advancing automotive and aerospace clusters.




Rockland Industries

Rockland Industries has been located at the current Bamberg County facility for over 40 years. As a maker of high-performance specialty "black-out" fabric, Rockland is one of the only textile companies in the nation that continues to export fabric to Asia and the Far East. They consistently employ approximately 130 individuals.





Freudenberg Sealing Technologies

German-based FST is the newest addition to Bamberg County's family of companies. Last year, Freudenberg purchased the existing assets of Tobul Accumulator. Tobul had been a world leader in the Hydraulic Accumulator market and operating in Bamberg County since 1987. Capitalizing on this high level of foundational experience, Freudenberg continues to grow the company at the Bamberg location. The plant currently employs around 130 individuals.




Phoenix Specialty

In business for over 100 years, today Phoenix produces high-quality washers and shims for a variety of applications. Phoenix has the ability to create highly refined components. As a result, many of the parts made are used in aerospace propulsions systems. The aerospace division of General Electric is one of their larger customers. The company historically employs around 90 people and has been operating successfully in Bamberg since 1969.




Advance Tabco/Kinsouth

Located in Denmark for almost 20 years, Kinsouth is an OEM supplier for the Advanced Tabco brand of stainless steel sinks, tables, and restaurant equipment. Currently, they employ approximately 30 welders and fabricators.



Denmark Lumber

Denmark Lumber has been successfully operating at its current location since 2008. With 32 employees, this family-owned business mills specialty lumber such as Cypress and Tupelo Gum and supplies materials to the specialty building and wholesale markets worldwide.


IRP Mermade Filter

Established in 1963, International Reinforced Plastics produces quality fiberglass tanks, vessels, and filtration systems. Presently, a large portion of their market consists of custom fabrication of commercial swimming pool filters. IRP has around 40 employees and has been in continuous operation for over five decades.


Southeastern Fiberglass
Southeastern Fiberglass

Founded in 1987, Southeastern Fiberglass Products manufactures advanced custom-engineered fiberglass equipment for a variety of corrosion applications in the pulp and paper, chemical, pharmaceutical, energy, and municipal markets. Southeastern employees approximately 38 designers, engineers, and plastics fabricators.


Bamberg is part of a multi-county revenue-sharing agreement. With this agreement, Bamberg County receives a share of the tax revenue from a select group of industries outside the county borders. The following companies are some of the most notable contributors to a growing number of revenue sharing properties.


Swiss Krono

Swiss Krono began its current manufacturing operation in the adjoining county of Barnwell in 2005. This 130 million dollar facility employs around 190 individuals and has successfully launched a number of plant expansions increasing both jobs and capital investment for the area.


American Zinc RecyclingHorsehead Corporation

Beginning operations in Barnwell County in 2010, American Zinc Recycling is the world's largest producer of Zinc from recycled materials. The facility has the capacity to process up to 180,000 tons per year of Electric Arc Furnace dust extracting the zinc to be used in a wide variety of products from sunscreen to cosmetics. The company's $87 million investment has generated 54 jobs.