Code Enforcement & Litter Control


Department Functions

The function of the Code Enforcement & Litter Control Department is to enforce the County's Property Maintenance Code and Litter Control Ordinance through public awareness, investigation, corrective action and, if necessary, Magistrate Court.

Bamberg County Litter Enforcement Officer Farrell Pulaski investigating a litter site in Bamberg County.

For litter issues, the County's Litter Enforcement Officer will investigate litter complaints and can issue citations for littering. To view a copy of the litter control ordinance, click here.


The County's Code Enforcement Officer works with the Planning and Zoning Department, as well as, other County Departments to enforce codes and can issue citations or summons for any violations.


Code Enforcement Violations

  • Property maintained in poor condition
  • Excessive storage of personal property
  • Derelict buildings and/or structures and mobile homes


Violations investigated by Litter Control

  • Littering (Misplaced trash or solid waste)
  • Spilling debris on roadways
  • Illegal dumping on private or public property
  • Improper disposal of garbage


Call the Litter Hotline at: 803-245-7959 to report litter in Bamberg County