To throw away, or to recycle?

Aluminum and Steel Cans - Recycle

Aluminum beverage and steel "tin" food cans. Labels are fine, but containers should be rinsed. Place in Metal Recycling containers.


Appliances (White Goods) and Scrap Metal - Recycle

We accept all appliances with metal parts: stoves, washers, dryers, refrigerators, grills, bicycles, pipe, rims, heaters, aluminum siding, mowers, swings, freezers, hot water heaters, empty drums, fencing, etc. You must take refrigerators and air conditioners to the landfill, but our Convenience Sites are drop-off locations for the other materials.


Glass (All Colors) - Recycle

All colored glass bottles (rinsed please, but labels are acceptable) are accepted. Place in Glass Recycling containers separated from other recyclables. Please remove from plastic bags before recycling.


Cardboard - Recycle

Flattened cardboard boxes (no plastic) can be recycled in the "Flattened Cardboard" containers at all eight Recycling and Convenience sites.


Cooking Oil - Recycle

Used cooking oil is recycled in the green barrels at each Convenience and Recycling location. Ask a Bamberg County LAD Site Attendant for assistance if you have trouble locating the container.


Electronics - Recycle

Recycle all electronics (televisions, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, and other small appliances) at all eight Convenience and Recycling Sites or to the landfill.


Newspaper and other paper - Throw Away

You may take your household garbage to any of the Convenience Sites or to the landfill. Unfortunately, we do not currently recycle newspaper and other mixed paper. Considering donating your old newspapers to MAMAS Dog Shelter in Bamberg to be reused for the rescued puppies! To find out how to start an at-home composting site, or to compost with Keep Bamberg County Beautiful, email for more information.


Plastics (except plastic bags) - Recycle

In Bamberg County, you can recycle plastic containers (Numbers 1 and 2, please check the symbol on the container) at all of our Convenience Sites. Labels and bottle tops are acceptable, but plastics must be rinsed and not placed in plastic bags.

You may also take your plastics to Richard Carroll Elementary School (RCES) to help with their recycling efforts. The school collects these materials as part of a recycling program, which raises money for the school. Bamberg County serves as the hauler for the plastics collected at RCES.


Plastic Bags (grocery bags) - Recycle at a local retailer

Unfortunately, we are unable to recycle plastic bags with our recycling program. Please check local retailers for an opportunity to recycle your plastic bags with them or consider using reusable bags when shopping to decrease single-use plastic consumption.


Tires - Recycle

Tires are recycled at the landfill or a Convenience Site. The county accepts 5 tires per person, per year. If you have any questions about tire recycling, please call (803) 245-3090.


Used Motor Oil, Oil Filters, and Oil Bottles - Recycle

Used motor oil, filters and bottles (oil must be free of gasoline or diesel fuel) and other petroleum products can be recycled at any of the LAD Sites or at the landfill. Please remember you must limit five gallons per trip. Not sure if your petroleum product is accepted? These petroleum products are recycled in the used oil collection tank:  motor oil, hydraulic fluid, gear oil, diesel fuel, fuel oil, kerosene, automatic transmission fluid, and power steering fluid.


Yard Debris - Throw Away

Yard Debris includes leaves, shingles, carpet, water hoses, mattresses, upholstered furniture, vinyl flooring, brick, cement, pine straw, insulation, plastic toys, yard furniture, garden plastic, and windows. Every Convenience Site has a container for yard debris, or you can take your materials to the landfill. Some yard debris can be used for composting. To learn more, call Keep Bamberg County Beautiful or email