Voter Registration Questions and Answers


Q. What form of ID must I bring to get registered in person?

A. Documents include driver's license/ photo ID issued by the Highway Department, electric bill, telephone bill, bank statement, check stub, tax receipt, etc. Documents need to show current residence (E911) address in the county.


Q. Do I have to register by party?

A. No, you do not register by party in S.C. The law requires that to vote in a primary election, the voter must choose one political party in which to cast his/her ballot. By voting in a party's primary, the voter is selecting representatives to run in the general election for that political party.


Q. Can I register if I was convicted of a felony?

A. You can register to vote again after you have served all time, including probation, for a conviction of a felony or crimes against the election laws of S.C.


Q: How to challenge a ballot?