What goes in a time capsule?

You're here! That means you're interested in finding out what will go into the Bamberg County Time Capsule. But really, it is all up to you - the Bamberg County Citizen. Stumped on what to send us? No worries, because below is a list of items we are searching for! If you have any questions please call us at (803) 928-4623.


  • Church bulletin

  • Current school report card

  • A 2016 class ring

  • Photos of sports teams / classes / families (all identifiable people in the photo must be correctly identified on a separate piece of paper)

  • Tax bill

  • Paycheck stub (Your name and address are valuable information for the future, but make sure your social security number isn’t visible!)

  • Receipt from the grocery store or gas station showing current prices of items (Please do not write on the receipts.)

  • A letter to your future descendants telling them about life today (Checkout the Bamberg County Website for writing prompts)

  • Business card

  • Brochure / magnet / pen or pencil / other small promotional item from your business