Sheriff's Office

Department Functions


Our primary duty is to protect the life and property of all citizens in Bamberg County. It is the goal of the Bamberg County Sheriff's Office to reduce both crime and the fear of crime throughout Bamberg County. From our derived authority, we seek to fortify the public trust.



Candace Wroten, Administrative Assistant
Tracy Whitt, Civil Division
Valaree Bennett, Victims Advocate


Making a Complaint and Giving Commendation Informational

FOIA Request:

To submit a FOIA request to the Bamberg County Sheriff's Office online, please email


Fee Schedule:

$15.00 hour fee for search, retrieval and redaction of records

$15.00 hour fee for dispatch 911 call search and retrieval of calls

$5.00 DVD / CD  (if transferred )

.25 per paper copy    

*No deposit will be required, however, the full balance must be paid before the public record(s) are released and/or notification of no record(s) found.

*Payment, when due, should be made in the form of a cashier’s check or money order made payable to the Bamberg County Sheriff’s Office.




At the September 14, 2020 County Council meeting, Bamberg County Council passed an Emergency Ordinance requiring face coverings (masks) in retail and dining establishments in the unincorporated areas of the county effective as a 60-day extension of Emergency Ordinance 2020-04. Please click to read the entire ordinance.

There are changes to ensure public and staff safety during the COVID-19 outbreak. The public is encouraged to call, email, or use the drive-through Treasurer's window, or online services via the Bamberg County website ( rather than attend offices in-person, whenever possible and practical. For more information, email or call 803-245-5191, or check the COVID-19 webpage on this site: