Juror Information

The State Election Commission provides Bamberg County each year with a list of potential jurors. Your name will appear on the list if you have one of the following:  a voter registration card, a SC Drivers License or a state issued ID card.


Jurors are selected at random by computer and notified by mail. Jurors should complete the juror response form and return in the envelope provided by the court. Please call the clerk's office at (803) 245-3025 if you have any questions.


Jurors should report at the appropriate time to the second floor courtroom. Proper dress is required - no tank tops, or shorts. Cell phones are not allowed in the courtroom.


Jurors are paid $20.00 per day for their service. A call in system is provided for juror's convenience. Specific instructions on how to use the system will be given once you have been qualified as a potential juror.


Jury service usually lasts no longer than one week. An excuse for your employer will be provided if needed after your service has ended.