Road Maintenance

Mission Statement

The mission of Road Maintenance Department is to provide quality services that improve and enhance the safety, cleanliness, health and quality of life in our County by supporting federal, state and local laws through the daily operations of the Department.



  • Improve and maintain all roads under Bamberg County jurisdiction

  • Install and repair culverts on county maintained roads

  • Maintain dirt roads by scraping, providing proper drainage, and adding stone when necessary

  • Cut and remove vegetation from roadways and right-of-ways

  • Fabricate and install stop signs on County Roadways

  • Issue applications and conduct review for encroachment permits for construction on roads and right-of-ways

  • Construct and repair drainage basins


Please note this office does not perform any or provide any maintenance on any state, municipal or private road; does not pick up litter  or dead animals on state roadways; does not resurface existing roads, does not perform new subdivision road inspections or repair mailboxes that have been knocked down


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