Delinquent Tax Properties

The 2021 Delinquent Tax Sale will be held on December 6. 2021. The properties available for bid will post in the local Bamberg Leader newspaper on November 17, November 24, and December 1, 2021.


2021 Tax Sale Newspaper Advertisement - Week 1


Available Properties for 2021 Tax Sale as of 11/12/2021

2021 Tax Sale Registration


Click here to download the 2021 Field Report. The report is over 700 pages and will take some time to download.



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If you are doing research to obtain overage information, please be aware that Bamberg County does not issue any overage checks to a third party. Any funds you receive either through written or verbal agreement from the defaulting taxpayer will be paid directly to you from the defaulting taxpayer and not the Delinquent Tax Collector Office. Overage checks will be made payable to the last owner of record prior to the end of the redemption. If multiple people are listed as the owners, then the check will be listed in all of the owners’ names, or issued to an estate, if the estate was the last owner of record.