Q. Where do I call to report missing road name signs?
A. Call the E-911 Addressing Office at (803) 245-4313.


Q. What do I need to do if I move or change my telephone number?
A. You need to contact the Addressing and Information Office and provide my old information to update it with the new information.


Q. Who assigns addresses and street names in Bamberg County?
A. E-911 Addressing Office


Q. When do I need to call E-911 Addressing?
A. When moving to a new location or residence within Bamberg County, changing landline/wireless telephone number(s), or adding a landline/wireless telephone number(s).


Q. What if I do not know what my E-911 Address is?
A. Call the E-911 Addressing Office at (803) 243-4313 or email addressing@bambergcounty.sc.gov.


Q. What are the hours of operation for the E-911 Addressing Office?
A. Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with the exception of State recognized holidays.


Q. Do I have to post my E-911 Address?
A. Yes, it is the responsibility of the occupant to clearly post the 911 address. This enables the emergency responders to rapidly validate your location in the event of an emergency.


Q. Where can I get a E-911 Address Sign?
A. The E-911 Address Signs can be made at the City of Bamberg Fire Department or you can go to a hardware store to purchase the number and post on your mailbox and in a visible location on your house. There is a fee for the City of Bamberg Fire Department to make your sign and is done by an ordering process.


Q. Why do you need to know the color of my house?
A. Knowing the color of your house will aid emergency response in locating you even faster in the event of an emergency.


Q. Where is the E-911 Addressing Office located?
A. The 911 Addressing Office is located at 2893 Main Highway, Bamberg, between the Sheriff's Office and the Magistrate's Office.