Request for Bids: Commercial Top Mount Pumper Truck

Posted by 04/30/2021

Bamberg County Fire Service is seeking bids for a commercial pumper/engine. A copy of the specification can be downloaded here or can be requested by email to


All bids must be submitted to Thomas Thomas at by Tuesday, June 1, 2021 at 12:30 p.m. Inquiries can be send to Mr. Thomas via email or call 803-928-4610.


This request is also posted on the SC Business Opportunities website.




It is the intent of these specifications to secure apparatus constructed to withstand the severe and continuous use encountered during emergency fire fighting services.  The apparatus must be of the latest type, carefully designed and constructed with due consideration to the nature and distribution of the load to be sustained.


These specifications detail the requirements for general design criteria of cab and chassis components, aerial device, fire pump and related components, water tank, fire body, electrical components, painting, and equipment.  In evaluating the bid proposals to determine which proposal is the most advantageous, these major items shall be considered.


Apparatus and equipment must meet the specific requirements and intent of the requirements as specified herein.  All items of these specifications shall conform to the character of the proposed apparatus and the purpose for which it is intended.  Criteria as specified by the National Fire Protection Association Pamphlet No. 1901, latest edition, entitled "Suggested Specifications for Motor Fire Apparatus", as approved by the American Insurance Association and International Association of Fire Chiefs, are hereby adopted and made a part of these specifications the same as if they were written out in full, insofar as they apply and are not specifically modified in the following detailed specifications.  Each bidder shall provide only that equipment as required in the following specifications.


The fire apparatus and equipment to be furnished in meeting these specifications must be the products of an established, reputable fire apparatus and/or equipment manufacturer.  Each bidder shall furnish satisfactory evidence of the manufacturer's ability to construct, supply service parts and technical assistance for the apparatus specified.  Each bidder must state the location of the factory and location for post delivery service.