Notice from Bamberg County Auditor

Posted by 10/19/2021

Notice From Bamberg County Auditor’s Office


Please check your property tax bills for changes that need to be made before paying them.


1. If you received Homestead Exemption (65 at the end of 2020 or disabled with an awards letter) last year and it isn’t on there this year, please see the Auditor’s Office before paying the bill.

2. If you need to apply for Legal Residence (4%), please see Assessor’s Office before paying your bill.

3. If you see anything on your bill that you may think needs to be changed, please notify us before paying your bill.


For more information, contact:

Bamberg County Auditor’s Office

Phone: (803)245-3006

Fax: (803)245-3199


Bamberg County Assessor’s Office

Phone: (803)245-3010