County employees receive National Safety Council Driver Safety Training

Posted by 04/12/2016

Defensive Driving Course

Having the basic knowledge and techniques to recognize potential hazards while driving is crucial to all employees of Bamberg County, especially those operating County owned vehicles. Recently, during the first quarter of 2016, 45 employees received the necessary training required in order to operate a county owned vehicle.


Employees were provided with the “key understanding, skills and techniques to avoid collisions, reduce traffic violations and change driver behaviors and attitudes.” Employees were also taught “coping techniques for dealing with speeding, distracted driving, impaired driving, and hazardous traffic conditions.” The skills taught to each employee makes for a more responsible driver, due to the understanding of the best practices to prevent injury and death while driving a motor vehicle.  


During the course, employees watched various videos and animated graphics which addressed distracted driving, impaired driving, speeding and more. The hazard recognition scenarios gave employees the opportunity to analyze the situation, which raised awareness and developed the needed skills to be considered a defensive driver.


“Safety is key at Bamberg County,” said Bamberg County Administrator Joey R. Preston. “Our employees understand the importance of operating vehicles in a safe and consistent manner, as to not hinder the safety of those around them, be it another driver or a pedestrian.”


Doretta Elliott Bamberg County Risk Manager stated, “The county Defensive Driving Course was a success. We want the employees of Bamberg County to have every opportunity to get the training necessary to ensure their safety. We would like to thank the Association of Counties for  having these resources available to all South Carolina Counties.”