Cleanup Begins on Fire Damaged Buildings in City of Bamberg

Posted by 12/16/2019


To:  News Media

CC:  Bamberg County Administration

From:  Bamberg County Public Information Office

Date: December 16, 2019

Re: Cleanup Begins on Fire Damaged Buildings in City of Bamberg


Bamberg, South Carolina (December 2019) – On Monday, December 16, 2019, public works employees from Bamberg County and the City of Bamberg began removing the rubble from the burned down buildings on Main Highway in downtown Bamberg. The buildings were destroyed by fire in early March 2019. Bamberg County officials worked with state and federal officials to obtain the deeds to the properties.


The destroyed buildings will be removed, including their concrete foundations. Any metal debris will be recycled when feasible. The work will be completed by Bamberg County and City employees.


“This is an exciting day for Bamberg,” said Nancy Foster, Mayor of Bamberg. “We appreciate that the county and city worked together with the state and federal officials to ensure the property could be rehabilitated. This is a great day in Bamberg as this much awaited clean-up begins.”


The property clean-up and debris removal is anticipated to take several days. “The downtown clean-up project has seemed like a long-time in the making but it is finally here,” stated Trent Kinard, Bamberg County Council Chairman. “I thank Joey Preston, Bamberg County Administrator, for his persistence with officials at both the state and federal level. We also thank Senator Tim Scott and Representative Jim Clyburn for their efforts at the federal level. It was a great group effort between the City of Bamberg and Bamberg County Council. It took a lot of pieces of the puzzle to fall into place and at the end of the process it will make the citizens proud.”


“Bamberg County is pleased to see progress at this site,” said Joey Preston, Bamberg County Administrator. “Hopefully, this clean-up will be the spark needed to create interest in downtown redevelopment by interested parties.”




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