Brandt Donates Property for Bamberg County Fire Substation

Posted by 05/31/2018


Bamberg, South Carolina (May 2018) – Bamberg County announced that county resident Ted Brandt generously donated property to Bamberg County for the construction of a fire substation. The property is located in the Rivers Bridge area and will be the site of a future fire substation to serve that community.


“Bamberg County is grateful for local philanthropists, such as Mr. Brandt, who exhibit pride in their community and faith in local government endeavors,” stated Joey Preston, Bamberg County Administrator. “The county appreciates the generosity of Mr. Brandt and his donation will improve the county’s ability to provide timely fire response in the Rivers Bridge community. Bamberg County residents in this area will benefit from this thoughtful donation.”


“Bamberg County Council thanks Mr. Brandt for his contribution to improve fire protection for residents of the Rivers Bridge community,” said Clint Carter, Bamberg County Council Chair and District Seven representative. “Continued progress in Bamberg County is supported by residents like Mr. Brandt, who are dedicated to improving Bamberg County’s ability to provide emergency services for its citizens.”


Fire substations are vital for Bamberg County residents located more than five miles from a fire station. “The construction of a fire substation in this part of the county will improve the ISO (Insurance Service Office) rating for the county and the residents in the Rivers Bridge area,” said Paul Eubanks, Bamberg County Fire Coordinator. “The ISO rating will improve to a Class 6; the area is currently rated by the ISO as a Class 10, which essentially means “unprotected.” This will save residents on their insurance premiums as well as reduce response time in the area.”


Bamberg County will provide updates on the construction plans for the fire substation as they become available.