Bamberg Dixie Youth-All Star Team honored by Bamberg County Council

Posted by 10/03/2022

Bamberg, South Carolina (September 2022) – At a ceremony held at the Bamberg County Courthouse Annex Gazebo on Saturday, September 17, Dr. Jonathan Goodman honored the members of the Bamberg Dixie Youth-All Star baseball team for the alethic success and designated them as Bamberg County Ambassadors.


"I could not be more proud of this team," the Vice Chairman of the Bamberg County Council said. "They played their hearts out throughout the Series, and created a tremendous sense of excitement that captured the imagination of all New Yorkers. But above all else, the team conducted themselves as good sportsmen which, for athletes, is about the highest praise that they could ever receive."


The Bamberg Dixie Youth All-Star Baseball Team won the Billy Deaton State “O” Zone Division 2 State Championship Tournament in Johnsonville, SC on July 16 and later clinched third place at the Dixie Youth Baseball “O” Zone World Series Championship in Anderson, SC. In addition to receiving their ambassador certificates and medals in recognition of their athletic prowess, one player, Landon Kuck, was awarded Most Valuable Player of the Year.


Dr. Goodman, a longtime public educator and champion of youth sports, expressed gratitude to the parents and family members in attendance, "Your support of these young ball players is an investment in the future. As we've seen from their performance in these tournaments, the Bamberg Dixie Youth All-Stars have learned at a young age one very important lesson in life: By developing their talent and working hard, their dreams can come true. We're proud to have helped them and look forward to celebrating their achievements on and off of the field."


To cap off the exciting afternoon, players and coaches gathered around the gazebo to take photographs with their new medals and certificates and to greet community members. Head coach Bryan Ayer accepted the framed resolution from the Bamberg County Council on behalf of the team.


"I would like to thank Dr. Goodman, the Bamberg County Council, and all of the fans that have been behind us from the very beginning," said Bryan Ayer, the team's head coach. "It really feels great to know that while other teams had the support of friends and family, we had the support of an entire county."


The following players and coaches were honored for their athletic success and designated as Bamberg County Ambassadors:



1. Bryan Ayer

2. Chris Sandifer

3. Nathan Young



1. BJ Ayer

2. Brooks Scott

3. Landon Kuck

4. Michael Myers

5. Jason Youmans

6. Cooper Sandifer

7. Chase Collins

8. Tripp Brewer

9. Tucker Brewer

10. Billy Hardy

11. Nahsiir Singleton




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