Bamberg County Council approves the purchase of seven sheriff patrol cars

Posted by 09/23/2015


“This is the first time in history this has ever happened,” said Bamberg County Sheriff Ed Darnell, as he admired one of the seven new Bamberg County Sheriff Department (BCSD) vehicles parked on the lawn of the Bamberg County Courthouse, Tuesday, September 22nd.


“It’s been nearly 10 years since we received even one new car for our deputies, and with more than 200,000 miles on many of our vehicles, today is a dream come true for us,” continued Sheriff Darnell.


It was in 2007, when Bamberg County last received any new patrol cars for the BCSD, and then the department only received five cars. Joey R. Preston, Bamberg County Administrator, noted the county has spent countless dollars on vehicle maintenance for BCSD vehicles. “We needed dependable vehicles for our officers to use while they are at work. We as a county need to give the officers the tools they need to do their job safely and responsibly,” said Preston.


Bamberg County Council gave their consent to purchase the seven 2015 Ford Sedan Police Interceptors, at state contract price, for $31,642 each, totaling $221,494, from Bobby Jones Ford & Lincoln on June 30, 2015. The total cost included the vehicle and its accessories.



“It’s because of the work of Joey, Gina, Council and all of the other employees in the court house that we were able to provide our officers with the new cars. More importantly, it’s because of them that we were able to offer this to the citizens of Bamberg County. Now, our officers can move from one end of the county to the other, without the worry of a vehicle breaking down,” shared Sheriff Darnell.


Bamberg County Council Chairman Joe Guess said, “I believe I can speak on behalf of all of the council members, by saying we are glad to say we helped in this process. Seeing the faces of the officers as they pulled up in the new cars, and knowing we are working together to better Bamberg County makes all of the hard work worth it. I like seeing the new cars driving throughout the County—it reminds me what proper planning, financial budgeting and team work can do.”


Sheriff Darnell stated the deputies working shiftwork received the new cars, and that BCSD will continue working towards replacing the older vehicles within the next couple of years.