Contact Information


Sarah G. Noel

Probate Judge

Courthouse, Room 103

2959 Main Highway

Post Office Box 180

Bamberg, South Carolina 29003
Phone: (803) 245-3008
Fax: (803) 245-3195

Probate Court


Each county has a Probate Judge who is popularly elected to a four year term and has jurisdiction over marriage licenses, estates of deceased persons, guardianships of incapacitated adults, conservatorships of estates of minors and incapacitated adults, minor settlements under $25,000 and involuntary commitments of mentally ill and/or chemically dependent persons.


A probate judge also has an exclusive jurisdiction over trusts and concurrent jurisdiction with Circuit Courts over powers of attorney.


For more information about Probate Court visit the South Carolina Association of Probate Judges webpage and South Carolina Code 14-23-30.