Contact Info

Mary Alice Johnson - Bamberg County Treasurer

Alice P. Johnson


Courthouse Annex

1234 North Street

Post Office Box 240
Bamberg, South Carolina 29003
Phone: (803) 245-3003
Fax: (803) 245-3198

County Treasurer

Department Functions

The Treasurer's Office collects real, personal, motor vehicle and other taxes and oversees their disbursement to county government, municipalities, schools and special taxing districts in Bamberg County. This office also maintains records of all revenues collected.


The treasurer serves as the custodian for funds of most county departments. These departments deposit their funds with the treasurer who invests these monies, along with tax collections, to generate additional revenues for the county in the form of interest earnings.


This office provides notification of taxes due for taxpayers, generates refund checks to taxpayers for overpayments, acts as paying agent for bond and other debt issues for the county and special districts, collects fees on behalf of the State, pays over to State agencies and provides information to the public and legal professionals.


Most important responsibility is customer service and public relations with the citizens of Bamberg County.