Addressing & Information

Department Functions

The E-911 Address and Information Department is to maintain the most highly accurate E-911 Emergency Phone System in the State of South Carolina.


The Addressing Department will continue to provide the citizens of Bamberg County with correct addresses, to name roads and streets, and to upgrade the 911 telephone system.


The department plans, develops, schedules and coordinates all phases of he E-911 Administration, which include:  maintaining the data base, issuing addresses, assigning street names and coordinating data to the postal service and telephone companies.


The department is responsible for assigning and verifying addresses to all occupied property in Bamberg County. This information is maintained in a local database that is updated frequently. In addition, the department is also responsible for creation and maintenance of Bamberg County street signs.


Some Important things to remember:

  • An E-911 address is required if you are requesting a power permit, building permit, manufactured home permit / moving permit or installing a septic system.
  • Addresses are assigned based on the location of the driveway. If the property is being developed, you must know the location of the driveway before an address can be given.
  • If you are moving to an existing structure and the property will be vacant, please notify the E-911 Office so that we may keep the database accurate and up-to-date.