Bamberg County Recycling and Convenience Centers Accepting Plastic Recycling

Posted by 02/06/2018

Bamberg, South Carolina (February 2018) – Bamberg County Department of Solid Waste announced that all eight county Convenience and Recycling Centers now accept plastics for recycling. Residents are asked to separate their plastics from their other trash for recycling. Every Convenience Site has a separate container for plastic recycling.


The plastic recycling containers and signs were purchased with grant funds from SC Department of Health and Environmental Control. “South Carolina DHEC has set a statewide goal to recycle 40% of our waste stream by 2020,” stated Joey Preston, Bamberg County Administrator. “Bamberg County has made improvements in our recycling rate, but we still have room to grow. We are pleased to offer Bamberg County residents another option for recycling and hope to see the amount of plastics recycled increase.”


Recycling is the recovery of useful material such as plastics from the waste stream and converting it into a new product. According to DHEC’s Recycling program, there are multiple benefits from recycling, such as a reduction in waste disposal costs, job creation, tax revenue, and conservation of resources. By recycling, residents contribute to protecting the environment and supporting the county and state’s economies.


Plastics containers, jars, and jugs with the numbers 1-7 (check the bottom of your container) are accepted at Bamberg County Convenience and Recycling Sites. Please do not throw plastic bags in the recycling containers. Plastic grocery bags can be recycled at the Bamberg Bi-Lo and other retailers. To find your nearest Recycling and Convenience site and its operating hours, visit the Bamberg County website: