Bamberg County Code Enforcement Investigates Illegal Dumping Cases

Posted by 09/28/2017

Bamberg, South Carolina (September 2017) – In September, after several months of investigation, Bamberg County Code Enforcement Officers Bill Johnson and Farrell Pulaski, successfully charged a Bamberg County resident with two counts of illegal dumping. The individual was fined and also required to remove all trash at the illegal dump site. The trash was removed and hauled to the Bamberg County landfill. The total trash removed from the illegal dumpsite weighed 2,740 pounds.


This investigation was ongoing for several months, with code enforcement officers carefully patrolling the area to catch the suspect. The area was known as an illegal dump site, and the officers used technology such surveillance cameras to secure evidence for the case. The surveillance and other equipment were purchased with grant funds from PalmettoPride. These grant funds are essential to purchase the necessary tools for a successful litter enforcement program.


In an additional incident on Sunday, September 24 officers successfully charged another individual in a significant illegal dumping case. Swift action and cooperation between Bamberg County Sheriff's Office, Bamberg County Code Enforcement, and an off-duty Denmark Police Officer led to the same-day arrest of an individual suspected of illegal dumping at 11 different sites in Bamberg County. The suspect is currently being held at Bamberg County Detention Center on other pending charges from Bamberg County Sheriff’s Department.


Concerned Bamberg County residents posted pictures of the litter on Facebook, which brought the illegal dumping to the attention of officers and elected officials. The officers did not hesitate work on a Sunday to immediately investigate the dump site and find the suspect. We are proud of the teamwork and collaboration between different agencies and caring residents to make Bamberg County a better place for all of us.


Bamberg County Code Enforcement is dedicated to reducing litter in Bamberg County and prosecuting those who break the law. Officers use surveillance techniques such as remote cameras, drones, and other methods to investigate illegal dump sites and litter cases. Officers will also ticket individuals with uncovered loads. Bamberg County residents are encouraged to report any littering or illegal dumping by posting pictures on Facebook (tag Keep Bamberg County Beautiful), email pictures and description to or call 803-245-7959 to report a litterbug.


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