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What types of matters are handled in this office?

Each county has a Probate Judge who is popularly elected to a four year term and has jurisdiction over marriage licenses, estates of deceased persons, guardianships of incompetents, conservator ships of estates of minors and incompetents, minor settlements under $25,000 and involuntary commitments to institutions for mentally ill and/or chemically dependent persons, They also have exclusive jurisdiction over trusts and concurrent jurisdiction with Circuit Courts over powers of attorney.

To be a probate judge, one must be duly elected in a county wide general election. A probate judge must be highly conversant with probate as well as civil law. A judge must have extensive knowledge of the South Carolina rules of evidence, civil procedure and probate court rules. Further requirements to serve as a probate judge are delineated in South Carolina Code 14-23-30. Clerks of probate court must also be highly trained in court procedures and are often notaries to assist in filing of cases and pleadings in the probate court.


Judge Sarah NoelJudge Sarah Guess Noel was elected November 6, 2012 to serve a four year term as Probate Judge for Bamberg County.

It is an honor and privilege for Judge Noel to serve her community as her family has served for many years, and she encourages others to join her in support of public service. Providing a scholarship for students who intend to seek higher education and return to Bamberg County to contribute to its success is of utmost importance to Judge Noel and her family.

Judge Noel enjoys outdoor activities including caring for several cats, dogs and horses. She is a lifelong Episcopalian and supports the outreach ministries of her church.

Office Hours:
9:00 am until 5:00 pm.
We are closed all major holidays.

Address: 2959 Main Hwy., #103
Post Office Box 180
Bamberg, SC 29003

Phone: (803) 245-3008

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