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Bamberg County Courthouse

During the year 1950, Bamberg witnessed a house-moving job of the greatest magnitude ever undertaken in South Carolina. It was the moving of the Bamberg County Court House from the site where it was constructed, which was in the middle of Highway 301. The Court House was constructed just before the turn of the century to its present location across Main Street on a roomy lot at the corner of Main and Second Streets. At the time the county was first formed, the old court house lot was most desirably situated, being at the end of Main Street and overlooking the business district directly from the front door, As time went on, the district around the court house was built up with residences and businesses, but Main Street stopped just north of the Southern railroad. There was no extension of the street north beyond the courthouse.

Bamberg County Courthouse

When it was finally determined that the mammoth court house should be moved across the street, a distance of some 300 feet, bids were asked for the huge job, and the low bid was about $25,000. The actual work of moving was begun early in 1950. The estimated weight of the courthouse was some 6,000,000 pounds.

The courthouse has 2 entrances to the public. One entrance is handicap accessible, which is located behind the courthouse at the back door. Parking is readily available and overflow parking is provided directly behind the public library across the street from the courthouse.

Bamberg County, South Carolina

Bamberg County was a part of Barnwell County until 1897. The people of the area voted for the creation of a new county and an election was held on January 19, 1897, which was the birthday of Robert E. Lee.

Bamberg County has the historical distinction of being the home of the inventor of the first submarine torpedo ever used. Dr. Frank Carroll made the torpedo and it was exploded in Clear Pond. It is believed that it was used in Charleston during the Civil War.

Bamberg County is primarily an agricultural county with some small industry.

Bamberg County has a population of 16,700 people in 5 towns; Bamberg, Denmark, Ehrhardt, Olar, and Govan.

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