Bamberg County Code Enforcement Awarded Grant

Posted by 01/10/2018

Bamberg, South Carolina (January 2018) – On December 31, 2017 PalmettoPride announced that Bamberg County Code Enforcement was awarded a litter enforcement grant. The award in the amount of $4,221 will support litter enforcement efforts in Bamberg County.


Prepared in-house by Mary Tilton, Bill Johnson, and Farrell Pulaski, the grant funds will be used to purchase equipment crucial to advancing litter enforcement efforts in Bamberg County. Grant funds will purchase improved and additional surveillance equipment, gear, and technology.


“Litter Enforcement is a relatively new department for the county,” said Joey Preston, Bamberg County Administrator, “but we have made improvements every year. Each year the department has increased in the number of warnings and tickets issued, as well as the tonnage of litter removed. This grant will allow the litter enforcement officers more tools to continue to improve litter enforcement in the county.


PalmettoPride’s Litter Enforcement grant is a competitive grant that is open to litter and law enforcement efforts across South Carolina. The purpose of the grant is to supply code enforcement agencies with funds to purchase equipment for use in litter control cases. “PalmettoPride funding allows for Bamberg County’s code enforcement department to purchase equipment we couldn’t otherwise afford,” stated Bill Johnson, Bamberg County Director of Operations. “We are grateful to receive this award. County Code Enforcement works in tandem with Bamberg County Sheriff’s Department and local law enforcement officers, Keep Bamberg County Beautiful, SC Department of Transportation, SC Department of Natural Resources, SC Highway Patrol and others. Fighting litter is a team effort and we thank PalmettoPride for their continued support of our efforts in Bamberg County.”


To report litter issues in Bamberg County, call the litter hotline at 803-245-7959 . Pictures are very valuable in litter cases, please email pictures and a description to Statewide, litter can be reported to PalmettoPride’s Litter Buster’s Hotline at 877-7LITTER (754-8837)